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FSK RF Modules

The communicate from one point to another with electrical signals is called radio frequency communication for analogue digital data communication, in air.

868 Mhz 433 Mhz RF Modules

For RF communication, using advanced and high-tech equipments, the settings require engineering parts; It has been resolved by DelcomRF A.Ş and it has been converted into ready fsk rf modem modules. With a wide product range of 868 Mhz 433 Mhz RF modules, 900 MHz 2.4 GHz RF modules, rf amplifiers and options, DelcomRF A.Ş. offers the best price for the best price for manufacturers.

Radio Modem Modules

RF fsk modules are much easier to use and perform than rf modules running in “direct mode” mode. Rf fsk Radio modem modules transmit the processed data via a microprocessor located inside. You do not have to deal with erroneous data sorting operations on noise caused by radio frequency communication. Fsk rf modüller.

RF Antenna

DelcomRF A.Ş offers you services with its own manufactured and imported high performance RF antennas. Omni directional antenna, red antenna, parabolic antenna, etc.… fsk rf modüller. Rf antenler, 868 mhz 433 mhz 434 mhz 2.4 ghz 5.8 ghz rf antenler ve seçenekleri.

RF Connectors

You can also check out the links of DelcomRF A.Ş rf connector products which offer you support in SMA connectors and variants. Sma, Rp-sma, pcb sma, erkek sma, dişi sma, 90 derece sma, 180 derece sma

The RF Module is a trademark of DelcomRF.

433 Mhz 868 Mhz RF Modem Modules


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GSM Radio Modem Antennas


UHF RF Antenler, Yüksek Kazançlı Radyo Frekans Antenler, Yagi Omni Parabolik Log Periyodik UHF Antenler, GSM GPRS Antenleri, Telsiz Antenleri

SMA Connector, RF Connector


SMA Konektörler, RP-SMA Konektörler, PCB Tip SMA Konektörler, RG58 Kabloya Göre SMA Konektör Çeşitleri, RF Konektörler

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